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Telerik RadGrid Client Side Binding Using JavaScript

Before going to start about the code, I would like to tell you something about Telerik. Well, Telerik adds magic in our application. Its a third party tool that enhances the functionality of If you have never used telerik and want to know more, I would suggest you to go through below links:-

In this article I am going to tell you, how to bind Telerik RAD grid using java script.

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Basic points to be considered when starting with SQL Server – – Part 2

Hello friends, In the previous post, we discussed when to use which datatype for string values.
Today, I want to draw your attention to some more data type selection. I mean we have several data types in SQL like:-

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Basic points to be considered when starting with SQL Server – – Part 1

I have been working with SQL from some time and I know how it feels when we start using it first time. Several questions arises in our mind like, Am I writing queries in correct way? What impact on my front end performance? What should I use? etc.

Let’s start answering these questions.

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All about Int32.Parse, Convert.ToInt32 and Int32.TryParse

Some days back I wrote one chunk of code for fixing one of the client specific defects in one of application on which I was working. I used Int32.Parse for parsing string value to integer. After some days the issue resurfaced again. I debugged the code for finding the root cause behind the issue, and I found that for some values Int32.Parse was failing.

Then I decided to dig into all the options available for parsing and just thought to share my findings with you.

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