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How to set formats into excel file from C# code

We will set “Font” , “Currency”, “Date” and “Percentage” formate into Excel from C# .
For creating excel, we will use “Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel” dll .

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Time to get familiar with crystal reports!!

So, Here is the reporting tool your client and you looking for “Crystal reports”. It contains built in features that allow users to design reports easily. These features include templates, ready-to-use data drivers, and flexible charting capabilities.

You can browse through data, sort it, filter it, apply custom groupings and explore the generated reports, and share the reports through the internet or through a secure server, can access data from most widely-used databases and can integrate data from multiple databases within one report using Open Database Connectivity ( ODBC ) and much more.

Those are just some of my reasons. One thing though – That its not the complicated tool but the people who complicates it. So if you know how to exploit it then it will unlock a world in which you can only
astonish and say to yourself, “why didn’t I do this before?”

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How I applied Bundling in my application

While trying to optimize my old application, I found that lot of java script files and css files are affecting the performance of my web applications.To optimize the performance of an application I found that bundling and minification can significantly improve the performance. It can be applied on MVC as well as in ASP.NET web forms. So I decided to take a hand on this. Before applying bundling and minification, it is good to understand the basic logic behind this.

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Basics of OOPS Concept in JavaScript

Javascript is one of the most popular programming language that is used to create interactive effects with web browsers. Like .net, java, php, c++ etc javascript is also a Object Oriented Programming Language but it does not supports OOPS in same way as all other languages does.
For eg. In javascript there is no classes but there’s a way in javascript through which we use classes concept.

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Highlights of Web Services

A world of web, where an organization provide its services like health care, banking, financial etc over the internet to end users.

To grow up business, organizations want to provide their services to more and more end users in simple ways.

So organizations use web app, mobile app, ipad app etc so that one can use their services easily and quickly.

This is where web services comes into picture. Communicating amongst all these entities (web app, mobile app, ipad app etc) without affecting their existence is made possible by web services.

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Basic points to be considered when starting with SQL Server – – Part 4

Hello Friends, Yesterday I was fetching some records from table and Then I thought about ‘*’.

Is asterisk is our friend or enemy ?

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ASP.NET Web API — Part 1

Hello All,

For Web API, I am going to write a series of technical articles. Few of them will cover conceptual point, few will cover demos and in few of them, I will try to dig deep into it by covering important technical point like routing, hosting, security stuff.

So in this series of articles, Lets start with light node, what is ASP.NET Web API and why we should go for it.

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