ASP.NET Web API — Part 1

Hello All,

For Web API, I am going to write a series of technical articles. Few of them will cover conceptual point, few will cover demos and in few of them, I will try to dig deep into it by covering important technical point like routing, hosting, security stuff.

So in this series of articles, Lets start with light node, what is ASP.NET Web API and why we should go for it.

What ???

So ASP.NET Web API is a framework that help in building HTTP services that can be consumed by clients like browsers , mobile (Iphones ,Android apps etc)

Why ???
According to Wikipedia: API is the application programming Interface(API) for both web server and web browser.

I think definition needs to update, as the technology is growing and expanding with a rapid pace
services that we build are not only consumed by browsers but also mobile application need to communicate with the server, so for that they needs an interface that enabled these apps to interact with the server.

As Web API are simple light weighted and easy to parse .
ASP.NET Web API provide a platform to build a RESTfull Application.

Now question is what is RESTfull services?

REST (Representational State Transfer) and RESTfull applications(like Web API) uses HTTP Request to do its CRUD operation. The advantages are :

  • Platform Independence
  • Standard as run on top of HTTP
  • Language Independence

Currently we have version ASP.NET Web API 2.2:
which have the new feature like ODATA v4 Web API Client support for Window Phone 8.1
for detail about that please go to this link

Stay tuned, I will be back with next article soon. 🙂

Written By: Vipin Joshi, Software Engineer, Mindfire Solutions

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