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Knockout.js: Built in Bindings

The Built in bindings are built into knockout.js and facilitate binding to attribute for elements. We can use multiple bindings separated by commas.

The built in bindings are categorized as:

1. Bindings to control text and appearance

  • text
  • html
  • visible
  • css
  • style
  • attr

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Knockout.js and Model-View-View Model (MVVM) Pattern

Knockout.js is a javascript library that helps us to create rich and responsive use interfaces with a clean data model.

1. Declarative Bindings – A simple way to bind a part of UI to data model.
2. Dependency Tracking – Automatically updates right part of UI when data model changes.
3. Templating – A simple way to make nested UIs as a function of view model data.
4. Trivially Extensible – With a just few line of code, we can implement custom behaviors as new declarative binding for easy reuse.

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Five Reasons to choose WPF for Windows Application Development

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a very powerful tool to create rich desktop applications. Its innovative features like hardware acceleration and resolution independence really elevates the quality of the application. WPF not only just improves the graphics of the application but it also improves the performance and quality of the application with its amazing features. So, here are 5 most important reasons to go for WPF to create a desktop application.

1. Hardware Acceleration:

WPF uses Direct X as its graphics technology instead of GDI/GDI+ libraries. All desktop application development platforms like win forms work on GDI/GDI+ libraries. All the drawing in the application is dependent on the graphics technology. DirectX was designed to work efficiently with the video cards and handle hardware acceleration.

Now, WPF using DirectX improves the performance of the application to a great extent. By using hardware acceleration, the work gets offloaded from computer’s main processor (CPU) to video card processor (GPU). Thus, giving the CPU the time to work on other operations.

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