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Basic points to be considered when starting with SQL Server – – Part 1

I have been working with SQL from some time and I know how it feels when we start using it first time. Several questions arises in our mind like, Am I writing queries in correct way? What impact on my front end performance? What should I use? etc.

Let’s start answering these questions.

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All about Int32.Parse, Convert.ToInt32 and Int32.TryParse

Some days back I wrote one chunk of code for fixing one of the client specific defects in one of application on which I was working. I used Int32.Parse for parsing string value to integer. After some days the issue resurfaced again. I debugged the code for finding the root cause behind the issue, and I found that for some values Int32.Parse was failing.

Then I decided to dig into all the options available for parsing and just thought to share my findings with you.

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Some Important T-SQL Programmability feature of SQLSERVER 2008

There are lots of new feature introduced with SQLServer 2008 for improving the SQL experience of developers. Here we will cover some very important and useful features of SQLServer 2008. Features which we are going to cover is –

  1. Declaring and initializing new variables.
  2. Compound assignment operators
  3. Table value constructor
  4. Enhanced Convert Function
  5. Date and Time Data types
  6. Table Type

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